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Diablo 2 - Eastern Sun Mod Gameplay (Diablo Morph Set)

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If you like Diablo 2, then this mod is a must! it enhances the game so you get new dungeons and places, new crafting, new items and much more! and this character i'm playing as is of course the Druid the class you get from the Diablo 2 Expansion pack LoD (Lord of Destruction)

(Just one warning for those how decide to get the mod, when you start a new character and begin to go out and kill some monsters be prepared to encounter a boss almost directly! the game is really hard in the beginning but as you can see I came this far and i'm still playing so its not impossible!)

To morph to Diablo I had to find the set i'm wearing after I equip the whole set I get 2 new abilities "Morphing" and "Lightning Inferno".
The set was really hard to find I don't know how long it took me to find it either.

So if you like the game/mod and have Diablo 2 (and the expansion) go and get the game here!

(the mod is made in Japan so some stuff on the page is probably in Japanese, the game is perfectly translated if you ask me tho!)
So if you have any questions on the game or anything just type it here if you like!

Diablo 2 eastern sun

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