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Eastern Sun Diablo II mod Lost Farm Hell Sorc in Action

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You should probably watch this in high quality. Click the button under the video to do that.

This is a /players 1 Lost Farm clear on Hell difficulty, Eastern Sun Diablo II mod, version R6D. Here's where you can download the mod:

This is NOT sped up. The cows in this level really move that quickly, and I have a 7 frame cast rate (Diablo II runs at 25 frames per second).

I am playing a level 93 sorceress, and I still have plenty of room left to improve my equipment. I plan to increase my mana pool and work on my charms next. I haven't socketed any of my small charms yet, but once I do I will try to fill them with knowledgable (+1 all) jewels. I will socket my rings as soon as I find ancient scroll number 43.

I chose to play on /players 1 because the monster density is so high in the Lost Farm. On any higher /players setting, so much loot falls that it cannot all be displayed on screen, and it is frustrating and time-consuming to dig through it all manually.

The biggest threats in the Lost Farm are blizzards and lightning bolts. I try not to stay in one place very long, because if I do then they murder my mana pool (I am using energy shield). As long as I have mana, my health rarely dips thanks to energy shield, damage reduction, and elemental absorbs (from charms), and even if it does I recover 36 life per kill from my Iron Thimble.
Diablo 2 eastern sun

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