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lenovo IdeTab A1000 - How to Backup & Restore User Data

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This video will help you, if you want to do a Backup of your system. You can restore the Backup if you have made Factory reset or if you want to return the system to a previous state.
In the Backup file the system save settings and installed apps. "Download", "DCIM" (photos and videos) and other folders made by the user are not saved in this file. You must copy them to your PC manually.
You can make a backup file how many time you want, but copy them in your PC to free memory at your tablet.
- Switch off the tablet
- To enter the Android System Recovery menu press and hold the Volume Up and the Power buttons
- Using the Volume Down button, highlight "backup user data" and select it with the Volume Up button
- The Android system will create a file named in the root directory.
- For security you can copy this file to your PC
- After doing a factory reset, go again in the Android System Recovery menu
- Select "restore user data" and choose your backup file

Lenovo IdeaTab A1000 - Backup / Reset
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Android data recovery на русском

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