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For Honor Crack [UPDATED]

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For Honor Crack

For Honor Crack is another of the new IP of Ubisoft that await us in 2017, in particular, the 14 February 2017. A period where he will also meet 'Nioh' and 'Horizon Zero Dawn'.
We have an action game with mass battles in which do in a war without truce three kinds of warriors: Samurai, Vikings, and Knights. All of them for defending his honor.
It is something that we can do both solo and company throughout their different modes of play. Since the campaign alone (or with a friend, both online and split-screen) either from your multiplayer online fighting battles between groups of one, two or even three players each.
Us, Sergio and a server, have tested their three game modes online access that Ubisoft has provided us to your closed alpha, and the truth is that it has dispelled many of the doubts we had in advance.
The first thing that I thought of seeing For Honor was: but if this is a ' Viking: Battle for Asgard' but with online mode! Later, to see it more closely, I thought: seems that only the heroes are that bring interesting fighting; others seem mastics falling from a blow. And the truth is that it is so.
I must admit that until Jarkendia and server we aventur?semos in alpha closed, for all the videos he had seen For Honor thought, "Oops, this many enemies on-screen with heroes... will be a musou?". However, after testing it for an hour and half, not could be more wrong.

For Honor Crack can be downloaded on the link above! Good game!
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