Nokia X,Xl,X+,X2 WhatsApp does not support error (fixed) ?


WhatsApp Calling Feature Without Invite :


I Will Try To Update The Process And Video Every Day Or ASAP!!!
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(Thanks To Rafalense For The Mod And Uploading WhatsApp +) Download from the Official WhatsApp+ Site And keep it Clean !!

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Update v1.3- When u see a error with the version or above like this "this version of whatsapp became obsolete on 4aug 2014" any device like x,xl,or x+ just don't irritate and unlike my the instructions below!

Instructions- change your device time and date settings to 2-aug-2014 or below
2. Then restart the device...
open Whatsapp + and then click on the menu options
in that click PLUS then go to updates and now tap check for updates..
it will show there is an on that and wait till the wassap+ downloads the updated apk file and then install change your time back to the original date and again restart device and see it works....
im going to mention u when installing wassap+ in nokia change your time settings to 2aug-2014 or below and now download the wassap+ version and install it and follow the above instructions to update it!! And now it works cool :) check below for nokia xl Whatsapp + !!!

Nokia XL Update-(New)- User who are facing problem with Nokia xl can download WhatsApp here | |

my first video
hope u

Today im going to show
Nokia X,Xl,X+ whatsapp error fix..

With the recent update of Whatsapp these 3 devices are mainly Getting error when opening Whatsapp..
In this video ill show u how to clear that error and install whatsapp +
And u can also install this Whatsapp + In nokia x Brother(Nokia Xl) And the Bigger Brother (X+) ...

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