Conceiva DownloadStudio v5.0.3.0

Conceiva DownloadStudio v5.0.3.0
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DownloadStudio - это универсальный комбайн для скачивания файлов и сайтов из Интернета. С ее помощью вы можете скачивать файлы в многопотоковом режиме, закачивать отдельные страницы или целые сайты для просмотра их в offline-режиме, а также осуществлять захват видеоизображения с экрана компьютера. Использование данной программы позволит вам отказаться от установки на компьютер программ, выполняющих все вышеперечисленные функции раздельно.

DownloadStudio is the award-winning, high performance download manager that lets you get everything on the web! It lets you download programs, games, music, movies, photos, streaming audio and video, flash, documents, RSS feeds, blogs, podcasts, complete web sites, complete FTP sites and much more! Accelerate your downloads by up to 500%. Resume broken downloads. Schedule downloads for later or at regular intervals. Detect and capture flash. Download and capture streaming audio and video. Find hard-to-get URLs by sniffing your internet connection. Find links on web sites with a site explorer. Download and read RSS feeds and podcasts. Quickly view and organize all your downloaded files.

DownloadStudio includes over 12 specialized downloading tools that will let you get any file from the internet that you want. All tools are easy-to-use, integrated into DownloadStudio and have comprehensive online help and tutorials.

Key features of DownloadStudio:
- Single file downloader
- File range downloader
- Web site downloader
- Batch file downloader
- Streaming media downloader
- RSS feed, blog and podcast downloader
- Audio and video recorder
- URL sniffer
- Flash detection and capture
- Web site explorer
- RSS feed reader File browser, viewer and organizer
- Easy-to-use Quick Start

Whats New in DownloadStudio 5.0:
Major new version include support for Youtube, Google Video, RapidShare, Firefox 3.0, Flock, Opera 9.5 and Windows Vista/XP 64-bit.

Highlights of new features for DownloadStudio 5.0 include:
- Download Flash Video (FLV) - right-click on web page and click "Download Video" to get Flash Video (FLV) from all popular video sites like Youtube, Google Video, Sharkle, MySpace, Dailymotion, Crackle and more.
- RapidShare (Free and Premium) support - download files from this popular file hosting site using either free accounts or premium accounts.
- Download from all popular file hosting sites - including Megaupload, Filefront, Yousendit and many more.
- SHOUTcast internet radio support - download digital media from SHOUTcast servers.
- Firefox 3.0 browser support - DownloadStudio extension is fully supported in latest Firefox version.
- Flock browser support - use DownloadStudio with this popular social networking web browser.
- FlashGot support - use DownloadStudio with the popular FlashGot extension in Firefox, Flock, Netscape or Mozilla.
- Windows XP 64-bit and Windows Vista 64-bit support - DownloadStudio is now available for users running Windows XP/Vista 64-bit.
- Site Rules let you manage all your web sites. Define what sites you want to download from and what sites you do not want to download from. Define the number of connections, number of splits, user name/password and download folder for each site.
- Faster downloading with improved downloading engine especially for large split downloads.
- Cookie jar support for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera - ensure all your downloads work by getting persistent and session-based cookies directly from your web browser.
- HTTP Post Data support - lets you download files from web pages that use forms or CAPTCHA images.
- XML interface - import and export all the settings for your download jobs using XML.
- URL Sniffer now finds more URLs and displays more information about URLs.
- Add Job dialog overhauled to make it easier-to-use and provide more information.
- Add List of Jobs dialog overhauled to make it easier-to-use, lets you check all URLs and remove broken links.
- Streaming media downloading supports more formats and live broadcasts.
- Improved Vista and Internet Explorer 7 support.
- Opera 9.x browser is now fully supported.
- Improved audio and video capture.
- More than 100 bug fixes made to this version, included many fixes for problems reported by customers.

Whats New in DownloadStudio
- Improved speed of web site downloading.
- Improved support for popular FlashGot download extension.
- Improved detection and downloading high-definition flash video from Vimeo and other video sites.
- Improved audio/video capture using WMV format.
- Improved file name detection for url redirects.
- Fixed issue with RSS feeds not updating correctly.
- Fixed crash on web site download jobs.
- Fixed issue with creation of sub-folders in file range download jobs.
- Fixed issue with site rules.

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Размер: 22.59 Мб
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Язык Интерфейса: Eng
Формат файла: .rar
Платформа: Windows 2000, XP, Vista

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