A level physics tutorials - electricity

A level physics tutorials - electricity
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Taught by Mr Matheson, the Head of Physics at one of the largest Physics Departments in the South West of England with over 100 students studying A Level Physics at the school. He has also written various articles for the Institute of Physics as well as sharing best practices with colleagues. Contents:
Circuit Symbols.mp4
Conductance (the Anti-Resistance).mp4
Conductors, Insulators and Semi-Conductors.mp4
Electric Current.mp4
Electrical Power.mp4
How to make circuits that work every time!.mp4
How to Solve Circuit Problems.mp4
Internal Resistance and How to Measure it.mp4
IV Characteristics of Resistors, Filament Lamps, Diodes and LEDs.mp4
Kirchhoffs 2nd Law.mp4
Kirchhoffs First Law.mp4
Mean Drift Velocity.mp4
Potential Difference vs. Electromotive Force.mp4
Potential Divider Circuits.mp4
Resistance and Temperature.mp4
Resistance, and why V=IR is not Ohms Law.mp4
Resistors in Parallel and how to cheat with Product over Sum.mp4
Resistors in Series - so easy even a 7 year old can explain it.mp4
The Kilowatt Hour.mp4
The Light Dependent Resistor.mp4
The NTC Thermistor.mp4
The Physics behind Particle Accelerators.mp4
The Volt and W=VQ.mp4
Why Work is equal to ItV.mp4


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